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Nordic Runes ( Forthcoming Book ---  the final title will differ).

This book examines the esoteric meaning of the Nordic runes and, also, discusses their historical and archaeological contexts. --- It is now in press and will be available in early 2006.

Politics of Change: A Brief History.

This book traces the political programs in the United States from their origins to the year 2000. However, as many of them originated far back in history, the result is a history of Western thought.

Salmon at Risk.

This was originally two books: 1) Salmon at Risk; and 2) Elite Planners. They are now combined under a single title.

Salmon at Risk examines the causes of the salmon crisis in Washington State. Its first edition was published, in the early 1990's, before the salmon crisis had developed. It tells how a coalition of State and Federal Agencies and environmental groups were deliberately causing their numbers to decline, in order to leverage various political programs.

Elite Planners, looks at the groups which claimed those programs. The author summarizes their activities, based on their own publications and public documents and, then, analyzes their interlocking boards of directors to determine who the decision makers had been. Thus, this book shows what they did and who did it.

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